Red Dog Physics

About the Company

The goal of Red Dog Physics is to bring advances in electronics and technology into the upper-division undergraduate physics lab.

There are a lot of new chips, new hardware options, and new techniques that allow for great improvements in lab equipment. We want to use those to build cost-effective replacements for "legacy" lab equipment, and to build new things that would have been impossible before.

About the Team

Dr. Eric J. Ayars You Shasta
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Lab Instructor & Mentor VP of Barking

Eric teaches Undergraduate Advanced Lab and Electronics for Scientists at CSU Chico. He enjoys creating new tools for teaching physics, racing triathlons, and trail-running with dogs.

You are key to our success. We open-source our designs so you can modify and improve them to fit your needs. As a small company, we can quickly act on your suggested improvements.

Shasta is The Red Dog. He fetches the newspaper every morning, chases tennis balls, and warns us when the mailman comes.